Family and Sustainability

A continuous commitment


The Earth as a fountainhead.
Of inspiration.

Philosophy and Sustainability

For four generations the Cottini family has been cultivating a tradition that dates far back in time. It is a story of love and determination, that inspire every action. Where the most priceless legacy is experience.
It all started in 1925 with the family founder Carlo Cottini, and it grew in the 1950s with his son Raffaello.

Diego and his wife Annalberta now continue their work, accompanying the family’s skills with research, originality and a production chain certified at every step. With their sons Michele and Mattia, they are now bringing to bear their talent and commitment, and their wealth of experience of the land.


Care. Consciousness. Constance. Concreteness.

The Wine Cellar, rebuilt in 1995, is surrounded by vineyards and it is perfectly integrated into countryside. Inside the winery, the natural slope of the hill helps to find the right balance between technical and architectural solutions. The cellar’s layout then allows to shorten and follow directly every step of the winemaking process.

We deal directly and actively with our business, through practices that are sensitive to increasing the quality of the materials we use in the long run and that we can recycle.

The quality of the environment in which we work and live is fundamental. For this reason we implement practices and protocols to increase it and made aware people in the surrounding area.

We are committed to realize and implement projects of conversion, management and protection of vineyards and old rural buildings through visible and measurable actions. We aim to achieve even more complete sustainability.

Palazzo Maffei

From the Marquises Maffei to the Cottini Family

An ancient estate, once home to Marquis Maffei, has given its name to our wines with a rigorous and aristocratic personality.

The Vineyards

The Harmony of our hills

Our vineyard is between 300 and 450 meters above sea level, in a unique microclimate that affects the ripening of the grapes and the richness of their aromatic properties.
High elevation, hillside vineyard together with their perfect exposure to the sun and the wide fluctuation in day to night temperatures, make for wines of excellent structure, harmonious balance and great aging potential. Along with a low-yield policy with the Guyot system brings out the very best from the selection.