Palazzo Maffei

From the Marquises Maffei to the Cottini Family


From Marquis Maffei to the Cottini family

Noble Heart

An ancient estate, once home to Marquis Maffei, has given its name to our wines with a rigorous and aristocratic personality. Maffei is one of the great names in the history of Verona as it was one of the leading lights in the city’s aristocracy.

The Palazzo Maffei estate is mentioned in the local maps since 1600, but probably it dates back to more ancient times. The Cottini Family, nowadays is the landlord and is committed to preserve and pass on the winemaking tradition of its predecessors.

The Cottini Family

A continuous commitment

For four generations the Cottini family has been cultivating a tradition that dates far back in time. Diego Cottini, together with his wife Annalberta, continues the work started by his father and grandfather, who founded the company in 1925.

The Vineyards

The Harmony of our hills

Ever since the days of Marquis Maffei and his family, this splendid 12-hectare estate, with its whitish calcareous soil and clayey substrate, has revealed its creative temperament as a fertile land in a wonderful position for producing elegant wines of fine quality.

The wine of our grapes

Perfumes and scents that seduce at the first taste

A collection of red wines with a noble heart, and high-ranking whites of great styles and elegance, reflecting the strict selection in the vineyard and meticulous method in the cellar. Wines with an assertive, unmistakable personality, all with tales to tell, for those willing to listen their voices.

Palazzo Maffei is a collection of wines entirely dedicated to the terroir where it borns, the Valpolicella Doc. This region is fully represented by two different selections of Amarone and Ripasso Superiore, as well as by a Valpolicella. But there is no shortage of other denominations’ influence, such as Lugana, Soave and Corvina.