Palazzo Maffei

From the Marquises Maffei to the Cottini Family


From Marquis Maffei to the Cottini family

Noble Heart

An ancient estate, once home to Marquis Maffei, has given its name to our wines with a rigorous and aristocratic personality. Maffei is one of the great names in the history of Verona: one of the leading lights in the aristocracy, the family are also remembered for Scipione Maffei (1675-1755), an eclectic historian, playwright and erudite author.

Palazzo Maffei is mentioned in the local maps since 1600, but probably the building dates back to 1400/1500. It was one of the country houses of the Maffei family, which run from here all their estates of Eastern Lessinia. The community of Palazzo Maffei was self-sufficient: they cultivated the vineyard with the support of living plant (mulberry, cherry, oak, chestnut), and integrated it with cherries, corn, vegetables inside the vineyard, barnyard animals.

Today Palazzo Maffei is our Foresteria – Guest House in the Estate of Tregnago. The family Cottini want to support, preserve and pass on the winemaking tradition of this beautiful area, together with a taste of Verona and its history.

Family and Sustainability

A continuous commitment

Care. Consciousness. Constance. Concreteness.
The 4 letter C represent the keystones of our eco-sustainable philosophy, of our way of taking care of the land, vineyards, environment and places where we live and work every day.

The Vineyards

The Harmony of our hills

Our vineyard is between 300 and 450 meters above sea level, in a unique microclimate that affects the ripening of the grapes and the richness of their aromatic properties.
High elevation, hillside vineyard together with their perfect exposure to the sun and the wide fluctuation in day to night temperatures, make for wines of excellent structure, harmonious balance and great aging potential. Along with a low-yield policy with the Guyot system brings out the very best from the selection.

The wine of our grapes

Perfumes and scents that seduce at the first taste

A collection of red wines with a noble heart, and high-ranking whites of great styles and elegance, reflecting the strict selection in the vineyard and meticulous method in the cellar. Wines with an assertive, unmistakable personality, from the austere Amarone to the lovely recioto, all with tales to tell, for those willing to listen their voices.
Taler Graf - "literaly Count if the Valley" - is the name that the locals used when referring to the aristocratic family of Marquis Maffei in the ancient Cimbrian language. We decided to give the same name to a selection of fine wines - elegant, aristocratic treasures with an astounding wealth of fragrances and aromas. A collection reserved for the most demanding and refined palate.