The Cottini Family

A continuous commitment


The Cottini Family

A continuous commitment

For four generations the Cottini family has been cultivating a tradition that dates far back in time. It is a story of love and determination, that inspire every action. Where the most priceless legacy is experience.
It all started in 1925 with the family founder Carlo Cottini, and it grew in the 1950s with his son Raffaello.

Diego and his wife Annalberta now continue their work, accompanying the family’s skills with research, originality and a production chain certified at every step. With their sons Michele and Mattia, they are now bringing to bear their talent and commitment, and their wealth of experience of the land.

Palazzo Maffei

From the Marquises Maffei to the Cottini Family

An ancient estate, once home to Marquis Maffei, has given its name to our wines with a rigorous and aristocratic personality.

The Vineyards

The Harmony of our hills

Ever since the days of Marquis Maffei and his family, this splendid 12-hectare estate, with its whitish calcareous soil and clayey substrate, has revealed its creative temperament as a fertile land in a wonderful position for producing elegant wines of fine quality.