Valpolicella DOC

Palazzo Maffei


Palazzo Maffei Valpolicella Doc is a fresh and harmonic wine, with characteristic flavors of cherry and fresh fruits. It shows a brilliant red color. On the palate it is intense and medium-bodied.

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Thanks to its moderate structure It perfectly pairs with daily recipes, starting from cold cuts, going to simple first courses of pasta or rice, arriving both to white and red meats, preferably lightly seasoned. To be served at 18°C.

The Vineyards

The Harmony of our hills

Ever since the days of Marquis Maffei and his family, this splendid 12-hectare estate, with its whitish calcareous soil and clayey substrate, has revealed its creative temperament as a fertile land in a wonderful position for producing elegant wines of fine quality.

The Cottini Family

A continuous commitment

For four generations the Cottini family has been cultivating a tradition that dates far back in time. Diego Cottini, together with his wife Annalberta, continues the work started by his father and grandfather, who founded the company in 1925.